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Life through a mobile phone

I've become a slave to "technology" - and I'm not even sure how most of it really works.

There's something very wrong with the fact that the most recent "would you rather?" I came up with didn't involve boobs, vomit, faeces or smack down wrestling, but was instead a rather more sedate (yet worryingly difficult to answer) "would you rather live without a mobile phone or the internet?".

I love it. I waste endless hours on it. On my phone or kindle while in transit, on my laptop when at home, on my iPod whenever I feel like living my life to music. And my only complaint is that all this unseasonal glorious sunshine makes it difficult to see the screens.

So, I'm going to combine my love of devices and connectivity with my resolve to procrastinate less. I believe it was, oh, December 2009 when I decided to keep a photo diary of my travels. That ended quite prematurely when I promptly forgot on the first few days to take a picture and subsequently wrote the whole thing off (what can I say, I'm easily demotivated). Today I am going to try and start with something a little more manageable - a photo a day for a month. Fingers crossed.

Summer embodied in shoes...