JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

It wasn't my fault

The blogger gods conspired against me and I was thwarted in my attempts to publish any further photo diary entries. Well, that's what happened on Thursday anyway. And then I forgot yesterday. Did I mention I'm easily demotivated? Maybe easily distracted and bored would be more accurate. And is it kind of sad that I'm still proud of the fact that I kept it up for over a week?

Anyway, here's one last photo from Thursday. This really did surprise me once I noticed the shop - there are a vast amount of people still using sunbeds. And while I readily admit that I do (despite knowing all the risks) still feel better about myself with a tan, I'm still surprised that so many other people seem to feel the same way about willingly doing damage to themselves - and paying for it! I love people. We might be silly and vain, but at least we look good.