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It wasn't my fault

The blogger gods conspired against me and I was thwarted in my attempts to publish any further photo diary entries. Well, that's what happened on Thursday anyway. And then I forgot yesterday. Did I mention I'm easily demotivated? Maybe easily distracted and bored would be more accurate. And is it kind of sad that I'm still proud of the fact that I kept it up for over a week?

Anyway, here's one last photo from Thursday. This really did surprise me once I noticed the shop - there are a vast amount of people still using sunbeds. And while I readily admit that I do (despite knowing all the risks) still feel better about myself with a tan, I'm still surprised that so many other people seem to feel the same way about willingly doing damage to themselves - and paying for it! I love people. We might be silly and vain, but at least we look good.

Proving my point

Massive fail. Forgot the whole photo gig. So today it's a dodgy picture of my crappy rug. It's that or a photo of my sagging wardrobe rail. I hate when I suspect I don't have the staying power and I prove myself right.

The less said the better

I'm not even going to attempt to make sense tonight. Very jolly after cocktails with the usual suspects, think it's now time for bed before I embarrass myself even further. I'm pretty impressed I've even completed my photo for the day. It's a new me!

Night y'all.

Just popping to Paris for the day

Even though it's only a couple of hours on the train, there is still something (for an Aussie) pretty glam about going to Paris for a business meeting. And the view from the office ain't bad either.

The perfect Sunday recovery

A hearty breakfast, walk in the sunshine, and my favourite chemical with some idiot box viewing guaranteed to make me laugh.

And despite the slow Sunday brain, I've just noticed that all my posts since coming to the UK are still based on Australian time. So I was actually posting in the future. And now that I've changed my timezone, every single one of my posts from the past just moved even further back into the past. Virtual nostalgic time travel? You be the judge...

An oasis of calm

Just a slice of what I love about London - a historical building, layered with iconic red phone boxes, where (in a city of nearly eight million people) someone can find a quiet place.

Emotional designs

What you don't realise, as the average girl on the block, is just how much thought goes into every small detail that you read everyday. Marketing managers, editors, publishers, design, advertising, public relations and market research agencies (to name just a few) have pored energy and attention into ensuring that the typography is just exactly so.

Rounded at the edges enough to take the hard edge off the message; soft, slanted and curling to convey romance; bold and upright and straight lined to portray authority and demand attention. I love how the simplest change of font can elicit different emotions, even when the words stay the same. In the same way, I love how the simplest nuance of tone, the way someone can say something even as familiar as your name, can take your breathe away.

The last of the spoils

As far as chocolate goes, it rates behind any kind of salty savoury snack, and any kind of gummy lolly. And if I was going to eat chocolate, it certainly wouldn't be this brand. And it definitely wouldn't be in block format.

So why, in the aftermath of probably the craziest Easter I've ever had the pleasure of attending (think three roast birds, their eggs for breakfast, and a frantic hunt - thank you Essex), am I still helping myself to a seemingly endless supply of chocolate?

The proverbial glass ceiling

I've been here 5 times in 8 days. A sign I need to move forward?

It's a little bit fuzzy

This pretty much sums up my day: slightly out of focus, awash with fragments of bright light, and full of eye drops. My right eye seems to be taking an eternity to recover - and I always thought the left one would be the lazy one.

Life through a mobile phone

I've become a slave to "technology" - and I'm not even sure how most of it really works.

There's something very wrong with the fact that the most recent "would you rather?" I came up with didn't involve boobs, vomit, faeces or smack down wrestling, but was instead a rather more sedate (yet worryingly difficult to answer) "would you rather live without a mobile phone or the internet?".

I love it. I waste endless hours on it. On my phone or kindle while in transit, on my laptop when at home, on my iPod whenever I feel like living my life to music. And my only complaint is that all this unseasonal glorious sunshine makes it difficult to see the screens.

So, I'm going to combine my love of devices and connectivity with my resolve to procrastinate less. I believe it was, oh, December 2009 when I decided to keep a photo diary of my travels. That ended quite prematurely when I promptly forgot on the first few days to take a picture and subsequently wrote the whole thing off (what can I say, I'm easily demotivated). Today I am going to try and start with something a little more manageable - a photo a day for a month. Fingers crossed.

Summer embodied in shoes...