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The problem with choice

Six months and ten countries later, I'm quite a few $ worse off but at least I have memories. And this time I even made it home with all my photos! Nothing stolen = one happy bunny.

In one of those typical late night travel discussion, it all became far too clear to me what the problem with today is - choice. As someone who practically becomes paralysed with indecision at the sight of a menu with more than five choices, I've come to understand that I suffer from a fear of missing out. What if the chicken (which sounds delicious, but I do cook chicken a lot at home, so probably shouldn't order) is better than the beef (which also sounds great, but not quite as great as the chicken, but my friend is ordering it and what if it IS better than the chicken, and I have to eat the chicken and look on with food envy?!) and I miss out?

If at the age of "settling down" I can't even decide where the best city to live is, whether to work or travel, whether to save or spend, then, well....well, nothing really. Isn't 30 the new 20 anyway?