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Merry Christmas

It's Christmas at home and this is my first year not celebrating it with my family. I'm definitely homesick (or is that my hangover?), and talking to mum and dad and hearing about what food was going to be served up made me miss home cooking more than ever.

I've been on the road now for 4 months...avoidance or adventurous? You be the judge...


  1. Me too!! So jealous hearing about all the food and lazing about. Oh wait, I did my fair share in Venice anyway :) hehehe

    Good luck with the rest of your travels!

  2. Id like to think adventurous...

    Good hearing from you today, miss you lots!

    Any girl who climbs out on a branch over a waterfall and dives in is my hero!

    See you soon...

    Anthony (i found this through facebook!)