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On the mend

Dad is going to be ok! Finally a breakthrough...results look great, the doctors are confident, his medication has been reduced. He's gone from being a very likely candidate for transplant to suddenly looking at being able to drive again in a couple of weeks. My parents will tell you it's the power of prayer.

So in true kid fashion, I'm dusting my hands of all family obligations and fleeing the scene of the crime. The flight to London is booked and I will soon be on my way...and if I look on the bright side, sure I missed four months of travelling & volunteer work (thank God for travel insurance and frequent flyer points) - but I'm still ending up in London at about the same time as planned!

Playing the part

Yes, despite being unable to stomach real literature, I still read my stars:

" 'All the world's a stage,' said Shakespeare. He must have been right, else why do schoolteachers value his work so much? The idea, though, raises questions such as, 'Where's the audience?' And, 'Where's the script?' And, 'Can you audition for a different role if the one you're doing doesn't suit you?' Let's leave the first two points. They are too hard to answer. As for this business of swapping identities, well no, you can't do that. But you can expand and develop into the character you have been born to play. You have been limiting yourself for too long. Current events challenge you to widen your repertoire and finally get your act together."

It's true that we spend our lives juggling our roles - I have roles as a daughter, sister, wife, friend, employee...the list goes on. Earlier this year I sought counselling and we spoke about the roles you play in life. But at the heart of everyone there is a core. Some people probably consider this to be their soul.

When your life is filled with so many roles, that they compete for your time to the point where you don't have any time for your core, it's hard to keep that part of you, that essence of you, alive and growing. So your core gets smaller and smaller...until there's nothing left of the real you at all.


Tuesday is such a nothing day. It's in no mans land. It's not the first day of the week, it's not the middle of the week. It's not nearly Friday, it's not Friday, and it's not the weekend. I wouldn't want to be Tuesday if I were a day.

Losing it

Last week I lost something, and I'm not sure what it is exactly. But suddenly, I can't read. I can barely write either, but I'm trying. All those great books I'm halfway through, suddenly I just can't stomach more than half a page at a time. Come on whatever you are...I need you back!

Missing you

I'll stand at your shoulder
I'll keep you running right
I'll fight in your corner
I'll stay by your side

There's no need now to worry
Our love's still here tomorrow

There aint no use in crying
for whats keeping us divided
Baby we're still trying, we're still trying

- Powderfinger, "Surviving"

Not a day goes by that I don't miss you.