JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

Everything happens for a reason

Life is full of surprises, as the saying goes.

Three months ago, my run of luck ended:
  • my dad got sick and was admitted to hospital with liver failure
  • as a result I cancelled a volunteer placement in China and all subsequent travel plans to Canada and Central America
  • my pap smear came back abnormal and I had to undergo surgery
  • my husbands UK work visa didn't work out so I had to book to fly to London for 2 nights
  • we didn't read our visa restrictions properly and less than 48 hours before we were due to leave we had to reorganise our London flights for three days later
  • I caught a cold
  • and I was fleeced $230 for a meal that wouldn't have even counted as entree sized
But then again:
  • if my dad hadn't gotten sick I wouldn't have cancelled China
  • if I hadn't cancelled China I wouldn't have had a pap smear
  • if I hadn't had a pap smear I wouldn't have found out that I had the propensity to develop cancer...until maybe it would have been too late
  • if I hadn't read the visa restrictions we would have been turned away at Heathrow
  • if the hubby's work visa had been arranged I wouldn't be visiting Tokyo on the way to London
  • if I hadn't already had a cold I would probably catch one on the trip
  • and if I hadn't been ripped off, I wouldn't be able to justify the sky high Japanese prices by saying "this is a bargain, it's the same price as that crap meal I had!"