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All in the family

Everyone has responsibilities in life, and my biggest one is my family. They are a blessing and a burden, all rolled into one.

A couple of months ago dad got sick. Really sick. He went into hospital for 7 weeks to try and halt the severe liver damage he was suffering from. He was poked and proded and tested for his suitability as a liver transplant recipient. Then lo and behold, he stabilised. So on Wednesday, much to his relief, dad was placed on parole and allowed to come home to be serviced as an outpatient, in the hope that he will start gaining weight and sleeping properly in his own home.

All this, I can handle. Watching dad get steadily worse, and then slowly better, is an emotional roller coaster, but I am here for the ride. Cancelling travel plans to stay and support the family while dad is recovering, I can get over. Staying at home to make sure there is someone always here with dad, I don't mind.

But the impending stampede of kind hearted, overly concerned relatives who are coming to visit, might just break me down. The onslaught of family dinners, lunches, days, nights...it's all more than a girl can handle.