JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

He's a Wild(er) one

Sometimes I look at the photos around our house and I think "would anyone even know I have Wilder?"

Bowral without babies

In another life, Ms R and I partied in Shanghai, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Russia, just to name a few places. 

The Press Shop, Bowral

Backpackers, a decade on

Ten years ago, a slightly more innocent Miss K and I made the decision to continue on our backpacking adventures instead of heading home as planned. After traipsing through South East Asia, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Cuba, New York and a mad party week of no sleep in Vegas, we boarded a hellish flight to Costa Rica for Christmas. The flight wasn't bad, I should clarify, travelling on half an hour sleep was. 

Winter down South

I thought we were pretty much done with weddings, but this year we've been to three.

Copacabana, NSW (and the end of maternity leave)

Holy sheet, going back to work after nine months on maternity leave is hard.