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Dubai, UAE

Hot tip: it’s extremely sweaty work visiting Dubai in summer with two kids you need to carry when they get tired. And when it’s 40+ degrees, they get tired pretty quickly.

Burj Khalifa - littleswallow.me

Santorini, Greece

Know what kids love more than being made to stand in one place for an hour? Being made to stand in one place for an hour in the blazing hot sun, in a crowd of people all trying to get the best view of the famous Santorini sunset in front of you.

Oia, Santorini - littleswallow.me

Mykonos, Greece

When your kids are 2 (not even) and 4, you’re really only travelling for yourself.

Mykonos: littleswallow.me

3 weeks with Wolfie & Wilder

We just got back from holidays and they already seem like a distant memory. It seems strange to say, but it was the longest continuous stretch of time I’ve ever spent with both kids. 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS! Man, it is hard work looking after your own kids every day.

3 generations in the Hunter Valley

There were times after we decided to move from London to Sydney that I doubted we made the right decision.