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Winter down South

I thought we were pretty much done with weddings, but this year we've been to three.

Copacabana, NSW (and the end of maternity leave)

Holy sheet, going back to work after nine months on maternity leave is hard.

Easter on fast forward

One day, in the not too distant future, I hope that when I blog it won't be 3 months after it happened. But since I have less than two weeks left of maternity leave, and a shedload of personal admin to do, here's the short version of Easter.

It was super hot. The kids wouldn't look at the camera.

Zushi, Barangaroo

I love my birthday. As in, I REALLY freaking love my birthday. So it's somewhat annoying that Wolfie arrived two weeks early, interrupting my birthday weekend of celebrations in the first place, and that I will now forever spend my birthday weekend preparing for his birthday celebrations.

Birthday boom

Wolfie, the CG and I all have our birthdays within two weeks of each other. It's a crazy fortnight of celebration, too much cake, and this year had Easter thrown in around the same time just to make sure we really overdosed on sugar.